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A Walking Tour of El Paso A Walking Tour of El Paso

El Paso, Texas is the most haunted city in the country. However, few people know the real history of the very unique buildings that make up the downtown area. For over 20 years the authors of this book have conducted history and mystery tours of the downtown area. It came as a shock to discover that so few people really know anything about the history of the buildings and certainly very few people know anything about the hauntings that have taken place. This lack of knowledge also includes many of those who styled themselves as ghost hunters.
Join us as we discuss the true history of what had made El Paso such a unique and intriguing town. Join us for a walking tour of downtown El Paso.

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Language of the Law Language of the Law

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When Darkness Falls When Darkness Falls

Legends tell of a highly advanced race that pre-dated our own. The Annunaki colonized our planet, created the Human Race and built an empire which was destroyed by a civil war. Anu, the Lord of Hosts sent his only son to guard against the actions of his brother Asmodeus, the Prince of Darkness.

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Estate Sale Murders: Ddeadman's Diary Estate Sale Murders: Ddeadman's Diary

You never know what you can find at an estate sale, it can be a treasure or it can be junk or it can be pure murder!!!

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Occult COnnection: UFOs, Secret Societies and Ancient Gods Occult COnnection: UFOs, Secret Societies and Ancient Gods

Legends abound about the Gods who walked the earth at the beginning of time. In the Occult Connection, Ken Hudnall explores a connection between these Ancient Gods who once ruled the earth, the UFOs that populate our skies and secret societies which seem to have influenced the development of our society since the beginnings of time. Is it possible that the Gods intend to come back to rule mankind directly? Do these mysterious beings walk among us today? Come explore these possibilities in this first book of a series which deals with these events.

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Occult Connection: The Hidden Race Occult Connection: The Hidden Race

WAS THERE ONCE A WORLDWIDE CIVILIZATION THAT COVERED THE EARTH? DID A GREAT DID A GREAT DISASTER REDUCE THIS CIVILIZATION TO A PRIMITIVE LEVEL? This was the premise of the first volume of this series, UFOS, SECRET SOCIETIES AND ANCIENT GODS. But taking this theory a step further, do the descendants of survivors of this wondrous civilization even now strive to regain their control over the human race while remaining safely hidden in the shadows? Throughout history secret societies have worked to mold humanity into the image f their sacred teachings. There have been wars as well as revolts and revolutions that have changed the status quo in drastic fashion. Is it possible that all of thes4e events have been leading up to what former President Georgia H. Bush called the New World Order? Who are these people who have such power that they can make or break Presidents? Who are these people who can bring down governments with a single phone call? Go behind the headlines through the pages of this new volume of the earth shaking Occult Connection series and seek the truth. Find out about the HIDDEN RACE.

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Occult Connection: Flying Saucers Occult Connection: Flying Saucers

We are not alone. Never Have Been. We think that humans are in control of the world, right? Wrong! The way of the world is very different than we imagine. According to Hudnall, there have been aliens - Sky Lords - among us since the dawn of time. They manipulate events and direct us humans. The truth of alien existence is staring us right in the face. The question is: DO WE WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH?

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Occult Connection: UFOs and the Supernatural Occult Connection: UFOs and the Supernatural

Many look at UFOs as a purely mechanical device piloted by aliens who have come to either explore or invade our planet. However, there are many events that happen that appear to have supernatural aspects associated with them. In this volume we investigate the various supernatural events that have been associated with UFOs and other mysterious visitors.

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Occult Connection: UFOs and Secret Societies Occult Connection: UFOs and Secret Societies

Secret Societies  have been among us since the beginnings of time. through a study of various Secret Societies we answer the questions of whether or not aliens have infiltrated any of these secret societies or whether or not they controlled early man. What exactly is the relationship between certain secret societies and aliens visitors?

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Occult Connection: UFOs andAncient Gods Occult Connection: UFOs andAncient Gods

During ancient times there were a lot of events that occurred that were considered religious events. A study of these events reveals that they had many things in common with modern UFO sightings. Were the ancient gods actually aliens? History tells us that stories of giants, dwarfs and fairies were simply myths, in actuality there is a large amount of evidence that a race of giants once covered North America. Tombs of wee people have been found that show that there race once thrived in the American southwest. These were the "gods" that once dominated early man.

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Occult Connection:  Beyond Roswell Occult Connection: Beyond Roswell

Over the last thirty years or so there has been such publicity over the crash of a UFO at Roswell that most people are not aware that it was only one of many UFO crashes. This book looks at UFO crashes in Kingman, Arizona, Magdalena, Aztec and San Antonio in New Mexico as well as the Mexican Roswell, the collision of a UFO with a private plane that crashed in Mexico. There is much more to the mystery surrounding the UFOs than Roswell and it is time that these other events were fully explored and discussed.

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History and Mystery of El Paso Del Norte History and Mystery of El Paso Del Norte

Monsters, lost treasures, ghostly monks that guard long forgotten mines, unsolved mysteries, ghosts, haunted houses and spirits who walk the halls of local schools. join the authors as they explore these and other mysterious events that have occurred along the border. El Paso, Texas is one of the most haunted cities in the United States. Spirits of the border examines these stories, many revealed here for the very first time by those who witnessed the impossible. Do the spirits of the dead students still walk the halls of El Paso High School? Do monsters live in the Franklin Mountains? Who do UFOs fill the night sky of El Paso? Find out the answers in Spirits of the Border.

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Sensual Alien Encounters Sensual Alien Encounters

Close encounters are classified as follows:
1st Kind - Lights in the Sky
2nd Kind - Sightings of UFOs
3rd Kind - Contact with Alien Beings
4th Kind - Alien Abduction
5th Kind - WOW
Join us for stories of alien and human encounters that will change your preconceived notions about what the aliens are doing here on Earth. These are the lesser known stories.

Our Price: $17.95
Evidence of Alien Contact Evidence of Alien Contact

There has been much argument over whether there has been alien contact with the human race. Skeptics have long argued that there is no direct evidence that beings from another planet interacted with early man. However, there is a considerable amount of circumstantial evidence that the history of this planet may bit be as straight forward as we have been told. Join us as we investigate the existence of aliens, giants and fairies. As you delve between the covers of this book, you will find that in spite of what we have been told by our leaders, thee is a huge amount of evidence that we have been guided by a more advanced race from the earliest period of the history of his planet until the present. Let us now look at the evidence of alien contact.

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History and Mystery of the Rio Grande History and Mystery of the Rio Grande

El Paso, Texas is one of the most haunted cities in this country. This volume is the third in a series that chronicles the spirits that walk the night o the great American Southwest. Actually, you may have met a ghost and not known it.
Within those covers read about the ghosts that walk:
The Magoffin House
The El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau
Cathedral High School
Jesuit High School
Jaxon's Restaurant
Cattleman's Steakhouse/Indian Cliff Ranch
El Paso Community College
The many Toys R' Us stores that are haunted
The politically incorrect ghost of Austin High School
Crosby Elementary School
Crockett Elementary School
Does the Chupacabra lurk in the shadows on the outskirts of El Paso? What are the mysterious creatures that rip the throats out of their prey? What is the Horizon City Monster? If you think that this world is a safe place and all of the mast mysteries have been solved, then read SPirits of the Border III. You will sleep with the lights on after this.

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History and Mystery of Fort Bliss History and Mystery of Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss, Texas is not only one of the most important military installation in the continental United States, but it is also one of the most haunted. Inside these pages are stories of the various spirits that still inhabit its halls and grounds as well as stories of lost or hidden treasures associated with this military installation.

Our Price: $17.95
El Paso: A City of Secrets El Paso: A City of Secrets

This is the third book regarding the history and mystery of El Paso, Texas, the most haunted city in the United States. This volume continues our review of unsolved mysteries, lost treasures and hauntings in the are in and round El Paso.

Our Price: $17.95
History and Mystery of New Mexico History and Mystery of New Mexico

New Mexico has always been called the Land of Enchantment, but no one has ever asked why. It is not  because of the unusual beauty of the land or the quiet serenity of the desert at sunset. No, it is because New Mexico is and has always been a land of ghosts, violent death and supernatural occurrences. In these pages you will read about the famed Haunted Mesa written by Louis Lamour as well as the ghost of Black Jack Ketchum who appeared to a very scared Boy Scout at Philmont. The City of Albuquerque seems to have almost as many ghosts as living residents and the City of Santa Fe even has ghosts wandering around inside some of its government buildings. From the famous St. James Hotel to the cemetery at the ghost town of White Oaks, the ghosts that still haunt the State of New Mexico are presented in all of their glory and sadness. Perhaps you have dined at a haunted restaurant and been waited on by a waitress who was actually a ghosts. Such an event had happened to many in a well known eatery in New Mexico. If your like a good mystery, then this is the book for you.

Our Price: $17.95
History and Mystery of Arizona History and Mystery of Arizona

Arizona is a state of mystery and great riches. However, what most do not know is that it was also the home to ancient civilizations to include the Romans, the Toltecs and the Ancient Jews. The unsolved mysteries, lost treasures and haunted locations are almost beyond number.
Take another journey through the mysterious past of this country in this latest installment of Spirits of the Border and examine the History and Mystery of Arizona.

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Restless Spirits Restless Spirits

THE DEAD CAN RISE. There are too many stories of the dead rising to walk among the living. They cannot all be fiction. In this volume of the award winning SPIRITS OF THE BORDER series read story after story of people that have witnessed the dead leaving the finality of the grave to once again walk among the living. What makes the corpses rise and walk like men? Why can't they rest peacefully in the ground? Join us on a journey beyond the grave to examine these events, if you dare.

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Military Ghosts Military Ghosts

DEATH IS NOT THE END! Ghosts can be found wherever tragedy has lefts mark. Sometimes death comes so quickly the victim does not realize he or she is dead. For some its a lingering pain-filled passing. Either way the dead may linger, seeking to resolve lingering issues. For the soldier, so focused on duty, they may still continue to carry out their last orders until properly relieved. It is th4ese that we study n this volume. From John Brown still walking the streets of Harpers Ferry to entire regiments that still march to battle, there are military ghosts all around us.

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School Spirits School Spirits

In the series Spirits of the Border, the authors have discussed lost treasures, unsolved mysteries and hauntings along the southern border of the United States. In this newest installment, attention is concentrated on one of the most haunted parts of the country, the southwest United States. Within the southwest, it seems that one of the most haunted type of buildings are schools from elementary to college. Who are these spirits that are doomed to walk the halls of educational institutions for eternity - why are they there and what do they do as wander these hallowed halls? In this newest installment of this award winning series, we look at what we like to call School Spirits.

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History and Mystery of Tombstone, Arizona History and Mystery of Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone has long been called the "town too tough to die." Well, same can also be said for the myriad of

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Echoes of the Past Echoes of the Past

The presence of ghosts at Fort Bliss has been established. Now it is time to examine new stories of the ghosts that haunt the buildings on Fort Bliss. After reading this volume you will no longer look at Fort Bliss as just another military post. Who is the woman that walks the basement of Building !? Who is the figure seen in Fire House #1? There are only a few of the stories we will examine in this second volume on the ghosts that roam Fort Bliss, Texas as we listen to echoes of the past.

Our Price: $17.95
History and Mystery of Sin City History and Mystery of Sin City

Las Vegas is a city of bright lights and excitement. But while it is a place that draws the living it also has a population of the dead. From Elvis Presley to mobster Bugsy Siegel, the dead still wander the shadows of this brightly lit show place.

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Secret of Dulce Secret of Dulce

Dulce, New Mexico is a small town located on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. From the surface, it seems to be a small town like thousands of others. But behind the scenes it is unlike any other small town. Many believe that Dulce is the location of a secret base run by aliens. But even more, it is said to be a town of many secrets from Bigfoot to many creatures of the night. Beneath the surface of this peaceful town are stories of mysterious disappearances, murders and unusual lights in the sky. Dulce is a town of many secrets.

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This is the story of what really happened in the skies above Los Angeles in 1942.

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