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Occult COnnection: UFOs, Secret Societies and Ancient Gods Occult COnnection: UFOs, Secret Societies and Ancient Gods

Legends abound about the Gods who walked the earth at the beginning of time. In the Occult Connection, Ken Hudnall explores a connection between these Ancient Gods who once ruled the earth, the UFOs that populate our skies and secret societies which seem to have influenced the development of our society since the beginnings of time. Is it possible that the Gods intend to come back to rule mankind directly? Do these mysterious beings walk among us today? Come explore these possibilities in this first book of a series which deals with these events.

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Occult Connection: The Hidden Race Occult Connection: The Hidden Race

WAS THERE ONCE A WORLDWIDE CIVILIZATION THAT COVERED THE EARTH? DID A GREAT DID A GREAT DISASTER REDUCE THIS CIVILIZATION TO A PRIMITIVE LEVEL? This was the premise of the first volume of this series, UFOS, SECRET SOCIETIES AND ANCIENT GODS. But taking this theory a step further, do the descendants of survivors of this wondrous civilization even now strive to regain their control over the human race while remaining safely hidden in the shadows? Throughout history secret societies have worked to mold humanity into the image f their sacred teachings. There have been wars as well as revolts and revolutions that have changed the status quo in drastic fashion. Is it possible that all of thes4e events have been leading up to what former President Georgia H. Bush called the New World Order? Who are these people who have such power that they can make or break Presidents? Who are these people who can bring down governments with a single phone call? Go behind the headlines through the pages of this new volume of the earth shaking Occult Connection series and seek the truth. Find out about the HIDDEN RACE.

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Occult Connection: Flying Saucers Occult Connection: Flying Saucers

We are not alone. Never Have Been. We think that humans are in control of the world, right? Wrong! The way of the world is very different than we imagine. According to Hudnall, there have been aliens - Sky Lords - among us since the dawn of time. They manipulate events and direct us humans. The truth of alien existence is staring us right in the face. The question is: DO WE WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH?

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Occult Connection: UFOs and the Supernatural Occult Connection: UFOs and the Supernatural

Many look at UFOs as a purely mechanical device piloted by aliens who have come to either explore or invade our planet. However, there are many events that happen that appear to have supernatural aspects associated with them. In this volume we investigate the various supernatural events that have been associated with UFOs and other mysterious visitors.

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Occult Connection: UFOs and Secret Societies Occult Connection: UFOs and Secret Societies

Secret Societies  have been among us since the beginnings of time. through a study of various Secret Societies we answer the questions of whether or not aliens have infiltrated any of these secret societies or whether or not they controlled early man. What exactly is the relationship between certain secret societies and aliens visitors?

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Occult Connection: UFOs andAncient Gods Occult Connection: UFOs andAncient Gods

During ancient times there were a lot of events that occurred that were considered religious events. A study of these events reveals that they had many things in common with modern UFO sightings. Were the ancient gods actually aliens? History tells us that stories of giants, dwarfs and fairies were simply myths, in actuality there is a large amount of evidence that a race of giants once covered North America. Tombs of wee people have been found that show that there race once thrived in the American southwest. These were the "gods" that once dominated early man.

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Occult Connection:  Beyond Roswell Occult Connection: Beyond Roswell

Over the last thirty years or so there has been such publicity over the crash of a UFO at Roswell that most people are not aware that it was only one of many UFO crashes. This book looks at UFO crashes in Kingman, Arizona, Magdalena, Aztec and San Antonio in New Mexico as well as the Mexican Roswell, the collision of a UFO with a private plane that crashed in Mexico. There is much more to the mystery surrounding the UFOs than Roswell and it is time that these other events were fully explored and discussed.

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Sensual Alien Encounters Sensual Alien Encounters

Close encounters are classified as follows:
1st Kind - Lights in the Sky
2nd Kind - Sightings of UFOs
3rd Kind - Contact with Alien Beings
4th Kind - Alien Abduction
5th Kind - WOW
Join us for stories of alien and human encounters that will change your preconceived notions about what the aliens are doing here on Earth. These are the lesser known stories.

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Evidence of Alien Contact Evidence of Alien Contact

There has been much argument over whether there has been alien contact with the human race. Skeptics have long argued that there is no direct evidence that beings from another planet interacted with early man. However, there is a considerable amount of circumstantial evidence that the history of this planet may bit be as straight forward as we have been told. Join us as we investigate the existence of aliens, giants and fairies. As you delve between the covers of this book, you will find that in spite of what we have been told by our leaders, thee is a huge amount of evidence that we have been guided by a more advanced race from the earliest period of the history of his planet until the present. Let us now look at the evidence of alien contact.

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Secret of Dulce Secret of Dulce

Dulce, New Mexico is a small town located on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. From the surface, it seems to be a small town like thousands of others. But behind the scenes it is unlike any other small town. Many believe that Dulce is the location of a secret base run by aliens. But even more, it is said to be a town of many secrets from Bigfoot to many creatures of the night. Beneath the surface of this peaceful town are stories of mysterious disappearances, murders and unusual lights in the sky. Dulce is a town of many secrets.

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This is the story of what really happened in the skies above Los Angeles in 1942.

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Alien Encounters Alien Encounters

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An examination of some of the mysteries of space, from structures on the Moon to things found on the surface of Mars.

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Intervention Intervention

The Christian Bible talks of then, the Sumerian Tablets talk of them, even the Koran talks of those who watch over the human race. But very few people really stop and think about who or what these figures might be.
There are beings who predate the Human Race who have nurtured the life on this planet, literally changing the course of human development in order to carry out their master plan. The legends of the far east call them the Jinn, the Christian Bible calls then the Watchers, the Sumerian Tablets call them the Annunaki. No matter what they are called, these figures have been with us since before time began.
As stated in the Scriptures, they have nurtured us and bred with us, guilding us and at times, leading us into war as their puppets in the carrying out of their master plan. They created the old order, the royal bloodline that, at one time, ruled every country on this planet. Then another force intervened in order to try and disrupt their master plan.
These overlords are those who rule the skies in their UFOs. Showing a technology far beyond anything we have even though of to this point. However, few realize just how involved they have been in our development. Few realize how thoroughly they have carried out their INTERVENTION into our lives. Herein lies the story.

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Is Someone On The Moon? Is Someone On The Moon?

For decades, science has assured us that the Moon is an airless ball of rock, circling the Earth in silent splendor. However, what science has either failed to note, or struggled to suppress is the fact that there are others on the Moon. Consider if you will, the following facts:
1. Since the 1500s, astronomer have sighted lights on the Moon.
2. In the 1950s and the 1960s, Astronomers have sighted UFOs coming and going to and from the Moon.
3. Since the days of Marconi, radio signals have been heard coming from the Moon.
4. Numerous scientists observing the Moon have sighted domes.
5. Water has been found on the Moon.
6. Numerous tests involving crashing craft into the Moon have resulted in the Moon ringing like a gong for considerable periods of time,
7. There is evidence that Astronauts Aldrin and Armstrong saw sentient creatures on the Moon.
So the question becomes, who, or what inhabits our Moon and why are we not informed?

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