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Is Someone On The Moon?

Is Someone On The Moon?

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For decades, science has assured us that the Moon is an airless ball of rock, circling the Earth in silent splendor. However, what science has either failed to note, or struggled to suppress is the fact that there are others on the Moon. Consider if you will, the following facts:
1. Since the 1500s, astronomer have sighted lights on the Moon.
2. In the 1950s and the 1960s, Astronomers have sighted UFOs coming and going to and from the Moon.
3. Since the days of Marconi, radio signals have been heard coming from the Moon.
4. Numerous scientists observing the Moon have sighted domes.
5. Water has been found on the Moon.
6. Numerous tests involving crashing craft into the Moon have resulted in the Moon ringing like a gong for considerable periods of time,
7. There is evidence that Astronauts Aldrin and Armstrong saw sentient creatures on the Moon.
So the question becomes, who, or what inhabits our Moon and why are we not informed?

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