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Manhattan Conspiracy: Blood on the Apple Manhattan Conspiracy: Blood on the Apple

THE BOOK THAT FORETOLD 9/11! This prophetic thriller was written in 1992, but not published until August 2001. Skulking in the shadows, a secret group plots to bring down the US through a terrorist campaign, but among their weapons is a man who mind they control - until things go horribly wrong and their weapon turns on them.

Our Price: $19.95
Manhattan Conspiracy: Capital Crimes Manhattan Conspiracy: Capital Crimes

In this second installment of the nerve shattering story of a terrorist war against the United States, Carter Hughes and his reluctant companion Addie Vandemeyer search for the identities of those who have unleashed this terrible war upon this country. The trail of treason leads them from the ruins of a devastated New York City to the deadly streets of our nation's capital. Each of these companions by necessity have a different goal, Carter searches for his true identity and those who had thought to use him as their mindless weapon while Addie Vandemeyer searches for the story of a lifetime Her nose for news is what keeps her tied to the taciturn Carter Hughes. However, in what will be a surprise to them both, this forced companionship threatens to lead them into what could be a deadly emotional storm that could engulf them both and destroy what many be the country's only chance for survival. Can Carter Hughes, already emotionally crippled by the loss of, not only his family, but his very identity endure the possible loss of Addie Vandemeyer? Only time will tell as they search deeper and deeper into a very tangled conspiracy.

Our Price: $19.95
Manhattan Conspiracy: Angel of Death Manhattan Conspiracy: Angel of Death

Carter Davis Hughes is a man with little reason to love the government that was responsible for taking his life and family from him, not once, but twice. Now he is called upon to put his very life on the line for people he has little reason to care for and a nation that has shown itself uncaring.
Hughes is stalked by an evil incarnate created by those who were responsible for his creation. However, this evil being is stronger, faster and more deadly than he ever though about being. Those who he stalks now have sent the ultimate evil to destroy him. Where he would normally turn away from a confrontation he must go face to face with the Angel of Death or Addie Vandemeyer will die. To rescue Addie, Hughes must penetrate a top secret facility, avoid being killed by Army Rangers and defeat in one on one combat the Angel of Death. Can even the Specter hope to survive?

Our Price: $19.95